the slow growth of massage therapy

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tianjin massage became introduced to the West around the 1600s. During this time many medical discoveries were changing the foundation of medicine and many scientists and physicians became aware of the beneficial elements of alternate forms of medicine. The introduction of massages still took time to catch on. The massage exploded during the twentieth century as many soldiers were treated with massage therapy to heal shell shock or nerve damage.

Many attribute the slow growth of massage therapy to the negative connotation it held. It was well known that massages were a popular service of many “adult” parlors. For many, the benefits of therapy could not be removed from the association of sex trade.

However, today it is no longer just a luxury for the extremely wealthy. Many hospitals use massage tianjin for pediatric, geriatric and general medical departments . So next time you decide to satisfy your need for a therapeutic massage remember all the benefits!

Massage has roots dating back well before today’s present. Some Chinese records date forms of massage existing more than three-thousand years ago; ancient Greeks wrote about the benefits of ‘rubbing’ and applying ‘friction’ to the body’s surface; and, Persians and Egyptians were savvy to the benevolent affects of massage.

Why seek licensed massage therapy? Most states have a professional board that regulates those that perform massage and other body works within their borders. They require therapists to have special training for a given number of hours at certified massage in tianjin. Many require therapists to take follow up training every year or two to retain their license. With the license from the state, you have a level of assurance that the person performing the massage knows what they are doing. Some states do not require licensing of massage therapists, however. In those cases, how do you find a good one?

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